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NIA regional meeting set for April 8 at UNMC

One of Dr. Pat Leuschen’s former students, Cerise Elliott, Ph.D., who recently delivered a presentation for the SAHP Research Seminar Series, is a research program analyst at the National Institute of Aging (NIA) and was instrumental in bringing their regional┬áconference to Omaha.

The NIA will sponsor a regional meeting at UNMC on Thursday, April 8 designed to highlight grant support mechanisms and new science initiative. Presenters at the meeting will include:

  • Marie Bernard, M.D., deputy director of the NIA;
  • J. Taylor Harden, Ph.D., assistant to the director for special populations;
  • Robin Barr, D.Phil., director of extramural activities;
  • Sidney Stahl, Ph.D., chief of the Individual Behavioral Processes Branch; and
  • Steven Snyder, Ph.D., deputy director of the Division of Neuroscience.

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