University of Nebraska Medical Center

Where in UNMC is Fran?

WE HAVE A WINNER! Jan Tompkins, director of the SAHP Office of Distance Education, correctly identified my location on campus: the entrance to the Lied Transplant Center opposite the Bennett Hall courtyard. Congratulations, Jan. The Elephanto trophy is yours for a week (or two). Thanks to those who tried earlier. It does sort of look like Swanson, but I think the path is the give-away.

Where am I?

Where am I?

Photographer: Greg Higgins


  1. Gail Hackendahl says:

    South side of Swanson Hall

  2. Cindy Skarda says:

    Swanson Hall Courtyard

  3. Sue Miyeno says:

    Are you in the courtyard behind Swanson?

  4. fhiggins says:

    Nope! Not near Swanson. Good guesses, though.

  5. Janice Tompkins says:

    Entrance to Lied Center opposite the Bennet Hall Courtyard

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