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So much more than just a walk!

The SAHP walking club completed day five on Thursday, July 16, 2009. Some members of the group have already reported an increase in stamina and a little looser fit to their pants!


We took advantage of the rain on this day to walk inside. (Our campus has the best skywalks and tunnels for those “Nebraska weather” days!) And no, Michelle, Maggie, Sue, Tamara, Sue, and Ricki were not imitating a locomotive in this photo – they’re just really bad actors. J

DRC Skywalk Walkers

DRC Skywalk Walkers

Here are a few more snapshots of the walkers in action:


Wednesday, we walked in two different waves as some folks had to attend a meeting at our regular walk time. (Side note: exercise and breaks are important, so even if you’re busy at 10:30 you can still arrange to meet with someone at a different time.)


Happy feet!

Happy feet!

By far, the cutest sight on our 11:00 route was a group of toddlers out for a stroll from the daycare center. Everyone uttered a collective, “aaaaw!” as the little feet passed by on the other side of the street with their caregivers. They diligently held onto the rope which kept them safely together and I thought, “hmmm, we might be able to use one of those to help pull each other up these hills.”

Little feet!

Little feet!

On previous walks, I couldn’t help but notice the litter tossed along the sidewalks and in the grass. As a member of the Woodsy Owl patrol since the early 70s, this time I took along a grocery bag in which to collect trash and enlisted my fellow walkers to bend and stoop with me to fill up the bag. We succeeded!

Cleaning as we go!

Cleaning as we go!

With the new Tobacco-Free policy being enacted in August perhaps we’ll see a decrease in the biggest bulk of litter we found: cigarette butts.



  1. Michelle Simon says:

    It is hard to walk down the escalator when Fran won’t stop taking pictures! 🙂

  2. fhiggins says:

    Touché, Michelle, touché.

  3. Tamara says:

    You can’t see it, but in the first picture I’m totally standing on one foot!

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