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Where in UNMC is Fran?

Well…Amber has had Elephanto for two weeks, now, and it’s time for him to find a new home. Be the first to correctly identify my location on our fabulous campus in this picture (and find Elephanto in the photo) and you will receive the coveted trophy to display at your workstation for the next week. Just post your answer as a comment. Good luck!

Where in UNMC Am I?

Where in UNMC Am I?


  1. Greg Karst says:

    You are on that slab of concrete between MSC and Pharmacy and elephanto is on the far right

  2. fhiggins says:

    Greg Karst originally emailed me, “you are outside of DRC and Elephanto is on the far left behind you,” and although correct about Elephanto, the location was incorrect!

  3. fhiggins says:

    Ah…YES, we have a winner. On the second guess, (the first posted comment) Dr. Karst has correctly identified the area between the Michael Sorrell building and the College of Pharmacy! If you haven’t been over there, it’s a beautiful place to sit and eat lunch. They have several tables amidst lovely plants and the cool-looking pergolas in the background are the site of the future ice skating rink.

    Elephanto is on his way to Dr. Karst’s desk!

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