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Four SAHP Employees Recognized for a Combined 95 Years of Service

The annual employee service awards dinner was held on June 15, 2009 at the Embassy Suites La Vista Convention Center. A crowd of over 425 employees, family members, and supervisors were hosted by the UNMC Human Resources Department.


Gib Willett, Rita Parks-Agnew, Kyle Meyer, Sue Eulberg, Jim Somers

Gib Willett, Rita Parks-Agnew, Kyle Meyer, Sue Eulberg, Jim Somers

Sue Eulberg, PA Program Associate and Rita Parks-Agnew, PT Program Associate were recognized for 40 and 35 years of service to UNMC. Sue, who began her career at UNMC in 1969, working at the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute (NPI), was one of only 5 employees recognized for 40 years of service. Rita, who began her career in Physical Therapy Education in 1974, was one of 19 individuals recognized for 35 years of service to UNMC.

M A Ray, Office Assistant II in Physical Therapy Education and Katherine Estes, Researcher, Physician Assistant Education were unable to attend the event, however, have served the SAHP for 15 and 5 years respectively.

The annual employee service dinner recognizes the significant contributions of the UNMC staff. Over 75% of UNMC’s approximately 4,600 employees serve in administrative, managerial/professional or clerical/service positions.

Please join me in congratulating Sue, Rita, M A and Katherine for their recognition and in thanking them for their significant contributions to the success of the SAHP.

(A picture is forthcoming.)


  1. Nicki Simmons says:

    Congratulations!!!! That is awesome!!!!

  2. Pat Hageman says:

    Congratulations to our dedicated employees who help us all to be successful!

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