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A Day in the Life of a Radiography Student

submitted by Ellie Jorgensen, student in the Radiography program at UNMC, class of 2009

A day in the life of a radiography student usually involves time split between classroom/online classes and clinic. Students get to know their classmates very well due to the small class sizes and enjoy hanging out or studying together in SEC in between classes.

There is plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience to practice what is learned in class and lab. Various weekly rotations at the Med Center include: Outpatient Clinic, Surgery, the Emergency Room, Fluoroscopy and going on portable x-ray exams to in-patients’ rooms. Students get to also rotate to other Omaha hospitals like the Veterans Affairs Hospital (VA), Creighton Medical Center, Clarkson, and Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. There is also the option to complete a one or two week rotation at a rural hospital during the summer semester. Students get the opportunity to work with many different technologists and see diverse exams.

While everyone is usually busy studying and going to clinic, there is still time to relax out with new friends.

Radiography Students in the Bennett Hall Reading Room.

Radiography Students in the Bennett Hall Reading Room.

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