Chuck’s last ride

So tomorrow is my last day as a UNMC employee. And as you may have seen on Monday, I am one of the four riders in Saturday’s Ice Tricycle Races at the Skate-a-thon for Parkinson’s.

Just to catch you up in case you missed Monday’s story, the four of us are in search of pledges ahead of this weekend’s races. The top earners will get the inside lane for the races, which start at noon.

“Chuck,” you say, “you wouldn’t possibly try to parlay your leaving the med center into pledges for your cause at the Skate-a-thon would you?”

Um, yes. Yes I would.

“But Chuck,” you ask, “isn’t that unfair to your competitors who don’t have access to daily campuswide publications with which to advance their campaigns?”


And so to be fair, I’ll list me and the other competitors here. Just click on the email address of the competitor you wish to sponsor, tell him or her how much you will pledge and then donate online or bring your donation to the Skate-a-thon on Saturday.

Honestly, I don’t really care who you support. As always, I’d be glad to take your money. But the fact is it all goes to the same great cause – the Skate-a-thon and Parkinson’s research at UNMC.

I’ve worked extensively with this event each of its three years and it’s been a blast. The Skate-a-thon seems like a perfect fit for UNMC.

What other medical center has our combination of a driven patient – Colleen Wuebben — a burgeoning Parkinson’s program and an ice rink? Heck, what other medical center has an ice rink?

Anyway, I’ve had a great time here at UNMC for six years. I’ve been in a job that allowed me to connect with an inordinate number of you. I’ve made friends that I plan to have for the rest of my life and I’ve been given the opportunity to do things I’d never imagined.

I mean, if you told me six years ago, “Chuck, you’ll ride out of here on a tricycle on an ice rink right next to the new medical school building,” I’d have told you to go visit the folks in the psychiatry department.

But so it is. As I said, I’d be glad to accept your donations this week and put them toward a good cause. My co-competitors would be glad to do the same.

And if you want to come out on Saturday to watch us slide around the ice on tricycles – well, we’d like that, too.


  1. Fran Higgins says:

    Chuck, if I wasn’t riding against you I would totally contribute to your shot at the inside track, but…I have to win this for all the women, admins, and allied health folks who are counting on me!
    Seriously, though, best of luck with your endeavors. I’ll miss you on campus, but at least there’s Facebook. 🙂

  2. Tom O'Connor says:

    Great sendoff column, Brownie. You will be missed. Be careful at the trike event….I hear Binhammer is a terror on wheels.

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