University of Nebraska Medical Center

Lisa Weissenburger-Moser Boyd

Lisa Weissenburger-Moser Boyd

Student Highlight: Lisa Weissenburger-Moser Boyd

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA

Degree Program/Concentration: PhD in epidemiology

What brought you to the field of public health? Prior to earning my MPH, I joined the Peace Corps and taught chemistry. The Peace Corps gave me first-hand experience with population health, and it was during this service that I saw the need for sustainable programs in the health field. I came across public health and knew that was where I belonged and was I even more excited as I learned about the fields of epidemiology and biostatistics.

What do you like most about the COPH? The students, along with many of the faculty, have been an essential part of my PhD career and journey. I will graduate knowing that I have made some lifetime friends.

What are your career goals after graduation? I want to be able to use my technical and interpersonal skills. I love working with people, and I love the satisfaction that comes from helping someone solve a problem.  I have always been passionate about statistics and math, and I hope to continue in the field of genetic epidemiology and biostatistics.

Three things people may not know about me:

  • I have had many opportunities at UNMC, including traveling to India, Denmark, Scotland, and China.
  • I have three amazing and talented younger brothers.
  • I lived in Africa for two years.

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