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February 7, 2018 – EPI in Action: Responding to an Outbreak Rohingya Crisis Response Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

PRESENTED BY Ali S. Khan, MD, MPH RETIRED ASSISTANT SURGEON GENERAL, USPHS DEAN AND PROFESSOR COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH Dean Ali S. Khan will describe his deployment with the world health organization (WHO) to lead their epidemiology activities in Bangladesh to address the critical health issues of the Rohingya community that were forcibly displaced from Myanmar by genocide. While initially deployed to address a diphtheria outbreak the very dynamic and evolving health crisis soon required new activities for measles, mumps, cholera and other epidemic prone… Continue Reading

Anthony Blake 

Anthony Blake

Student Highlight:  Anthony Blake  Hometown: Originally born in Phoenix Arizona, but moved to Omaha in 1994.   Degree and concentration: Masters of Public Health, Environmental & Occupational Health concentration  What brought you to the field of public health? I have always had a passion for helping others, and I feel that the field of public health is going to allow me to do that on a grand scale. Additionally, it allows me to continue my education and passion for the sciences.   What do you like most… Continue Reading

Working to Improve the Health and Safety of Immigrant Feedlot Workers

Antonia Correa, Dr. Kathleen Grant, Ellen Duysen, Natalia Trinidad, Dr. Gustavo Carlo, Dr. Athena Ramos, Rodrigo Gamboa, Marcela Carvajal-Suarez, Axel Fuentes)

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Increasing numbers of Latino immigrants are working in agricultural production across the U.S., and these workers represent a significant portion of the agricultural labor force. Research has documented that agriculture and animal production can be risky business. In fact, this industry has the highest fatality rate of any industry with approximately 100 agricultural workers injured every day. Even with these sobering statistics, research on the health and safety practices of immigrant cattle feedlot workers is sorely lacking. Dr. Athena… Continue Reading

Education needs on intimate partner violence explored

Piicture of Alena Skrundevskiy and Jessica Semin

Education Highlight – On Thursday, December 7, 2014, UNMC College of Public Health graduate students Jessica Semin and Alena Skrundevskiy discussed the results of a needs assessment they oversaw designed to pinpoint education needs for health profession students on intimate partner violence (IPV). Topics included: IPV as a public health issue; the results of the needs assessment, which was compiled in the fall of 2016 to determine students’ needs and preferences for training programs on IPV; and the results of an intervention (a four-part, on-campus… Continue Reading

Replication studies strengthen research and education

Morshed Alam presenting at ICASA International Conference

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Replication of scientific research is currently a hot topic in the media. Research studies have been criticized for lacking standardized procedures, insufficient documentation and misuse of statistical techniques leading to results that cannot be duplicated by other researchers. In 2015, Drs. Meza, Smith, Yu, and Luo from the Department of Biostatistics received grants for replication studies from the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, in partnership with Science Exchange. The focus of these studies was to replicate results of HIV/AIDS… Continue Reading

Tai Hoang, MPH

Tai Hoang, MPH

Alumni Highlight: Tai Hoang, MPH (Environment, Agricultural and Occupational Health, 2016) Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska Current career position: I have the great honor to serve my country in the United States Air Force while also utilizing my skill sets of healthcare and science. As a public health officer in the United States Air Force, I am responsible for an array of public health components, such as communicable diseases and occupational and environmental health.  In order to maintain the health of our airmen, some of my responsibilities… Continue Reading

COPH Notable Mentions

COPH Notable Mentions – In the Fall 2017 semester, the following students fulfilled the requirements for the Certificate in Emergency Preparedness, Certificate in Maternal and Child Health, Certificate in Public Health, Master of Public Health, and Doctor of Philosophy. Congratulations to all the graduates, and best wishes to them in their chosen public health professions! Certificate in Emergency Preparedness Brian Madison Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Emily Blanchard Certificate in Public Health Padmapriya Francisco Megan Holmes Sean Jackson Amanda Kis Lourdes Secola Jazmin Struble… Continue Reading