University of Nebraska Medical Center

Yang Wang

Student Highlight – Yang Wang

Hometown/Country: Tongling, Anhui, China

Degree Program/Concentration: PhD in Health Services Research, Administration, and Policy

What brought you to the field of public health? In China, large hospitals experience overcrowding. This may cause patients’ to have unpleasant feelings and may even compromise quality of care. I observed significant differences in public health infrastructures between rural and urban areas during my travels across China. These observations inspired me to learn more about health care systems, and contribute to addressing these efficiency and equity issues as a researcher.

What do you like most about the COPH? I enjoy the faculty and student diversity in the College of Public Health. As health services research is an interdisciplinary subject, exchanging ideas with professors from various academic backgrounds has really helps me to shape my perspectives toward public health challenges we are confronted with in the United States. Also, communicating with students from different countries provides me valuable opportunities to know more about beautiful cultures across the world.

What are your career goals after graduation? I have been investigating immigration-related disparities in health and health care during my PhD program. After graduation, I would like to return to China and continue my research on improving access to care among underserved populations.

Please share three things people may not know about you.

  • I had experience in assisting surgeons in operating rooms in China.
  • I enjoy learning different languages and dialects.
  • I have always wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle.

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