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Epidemiology in Public Health 6-day summer intensive course offered at COPH

Education Highlight – The College of Public Health is offering a short, intensive 3 credit hour course July 27- August 3, 2016, entitled “Epidemiology in Public Health.” The course is designed for graduate students, fellows and professionals to gain knowledge and skills in basic epidemiological concepts and applications. Key principals covered include: designs and methods of epidemiologic studies (cohort, case-control, cross-sectional and randomized clinical trials); measures of disease frequency (prevalence, incidence, rates and odds); measures of association (relative risk, odds ratio); evaluation of confounding and types of bias; and use of screening in public health.

Schedule for the course is shown below. Contact Tricia LeVan, PhD for further information ( or 402-559-3985)


Proposed Schedule EPI820/CPH504
July 27


9AM-12PM Epidemiologic Approach & Measures of Disease Frequency
2PM-5PM Measures of Mortality
July 28 9AM-12PM Descriptive Epidemiology
2PM-5PM Overview of Study Designs: Cohort & Cross Sectional
July 29 9AM-12PM Case/Control Studies
2PM-5PM Experimental Studies
Aug 1 9AM-12PM Midterm
2PM-5PM Comparing Disease Frequencies
Aug 2 9AM-12PM Evaluating Random Error and Bias
2PM-5PM Evaluating Confounding/Causation
Aug 3 9AM-12PM Screening in Public Health
2PM-5PM Final Exam

*In-class exercises will take place each day. Two projects will be due by August 8, 2016.

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