Psychiatry Department sends big group to ADMSEP in San Diego

The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP) took place last month in San Diego, California. The UNMC Department of Psychiatry again sponsored the largest group of faculty, residents, and students in attendance. 

This year, Daniel Gih, MD; Jeana Benton, MD, Bryndis Grissom, MD, MPH; Riley Machal, MD, Dana Raml, MD, Linda Love, EdD; Mark Gilbert, PhD; and Howard Liu, MD, MBA were the large contingent from UNMC. Volunteer faculty member, Chloe Olson, MD, also participated from the Lasting Hope Recovery Center.

“ADMSEP is an incredibly warm community of medical educators who are eager to mentor new colleagues and share the latest teaching innovations,” Dr. Liu said. “ADMSEP feels like family for our psychiatric teachers.” 

There are many reasons why the UNMC Department of Psychiatry sends so many people to the annual meeting. Recently, members of the department have held important positions in the organization. Professor Emeritus, Carl Greiner, MD, and Dr. Liu are past presidents of ADMSEP. Dr. Raml and Dr. Gih co-chaired important committees; Membership and Clinical Simulation Initiative respectively. Ellie Corbaley, UNMC Department of Psychiatry Residency Coordinator, was the organization’s Administrative Coordinator and has accepted a senior leadership role as the Administrative Director of ADMSEP. She will continue her duties at UNMC as well.  

Additionally, faculty and trainees have put on many presentations. This year, Dr. Grissom attended her first ADMSEP conference to discuss teaching capacity in medical school.

“It’s a really good community,” Dr. Grissom said of the conference. “There are lots of good mentors and opportunities to connect with similar interests in education.”

While Dr. Grissom has only attended one conference, Dr. Liu has been going for more than a decade.

“Many of our faculty choose academics because they want to be great clinical educators.
ADMSEP is a great place to grow up and engage with mentors and sponsors at every career stage,” Dr. Liu said. “I first attended the meeting as an instructor, and found colleagues for presentations, papers, workshops and posters all the way to professorship.  It is always thought-provoking to hear the keynotes sharing the latest insights on the state of academic culture and medical education.  It is one of my academic ‘home conferences’ where I feel at home no matter what role I am playing in the department.”

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