Dr. Stacey Herbster joins UNMC faculty and PES staff

Dr. Stacey Herbster has moved back to Nebraska to help UNMC/Nebraska Medicine set up the new Adult Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES), scheduled to open on August 28.

Dr. Herbster, who was hired as Assistant Medical Director of the PES, was born and raised in Nebraska before heading to South Dakota for medical school. She worked in a similar PES at Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan before coming to UNMC.

She said she’s excited to come back home.

“It was important to me to move back home and be with my family, especially my mom and my dad,” Dr. Herbster said.

When UNMC looked for psychiatrists to work in an emergency room setting, Dr. Herbster applied. She said she likes the variety and challenges of working in an ER.

“I like to be able to see the patients and try and make a difference, instantly,” she said. “It’s about seeing patients, who most of the time are in crisis, and being able to come up with a disposition that’s helpful to the patient in a short amount of time. That’s often a major challenge.”  

Dr. Herbster also said she’s excited to help start a new PES.

“It’s a huge need in the country, and I’m sure it’s a huge need here,” she said. “To have a separate dedicated PES is going to be very beneficial to the community here. It’s nice to have a separate dedicated space for psychiatry patients.”

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  1. Judy Sharkey says:

    Dr. Herbster, I sure miss seeing you back in Chelsea!! But it sounds like a wonderful reason to go back to Nebraska! I appreciate everything you ever said to me, and I still have the little monkey in my billfold, always!! I wish you the best, and hope things are really working out for you in Nebraska! Always with my admiration, Judy.

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