UNMC takes over ADMSEP again

(Top row left to right) Dr. Howard Liu, Dr. Linda Love, Dr. Daniel Gih, Dr. Jeana Benton, Dr. Sheritta Strong, Dr. Rebecca Wysoske as well as (bottom row L-R) Laura Flores, Emily Royer, Dr. Cindy Chou, and Dr. Dana Raml attended ADMSEP last month in Portland, Maine.

Ten members of the UNMC community traveled to Portland, Maine for the annual Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP) Conference.

The Department of Psychiatry has always sent a large contingent to the conference.

“As a member of ADMSEP for nearly a decade, I have seen the organization serve as an incredible forum for mentoring educators and growing their national connections,” said Department of Psychiatry Chair Dr. Liu. “As ADMSEP President-Elect, I am proud to see UNMC bring the largest contingent of any organization to the meeting and I was impressed by the caliber and the breadth of our faculty’s workshops from microaggressions to social media to giving effective feedback.”

While at the conference, several faculty members facilitated workshops. Dr. Dana Raml, Dr. Sheritta Strong, Dr. Daniel Gih, Dr. Sharon Hammer, and Dr. Liu all led discussions on essential education topics. Dr. Linda Love, Laura Flores, and Emily Royer also spoke at the ADMSEP.

Prior to Dr. Liu being named president-elect of the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP), he served as the secretary for the organization.

Dr. Raml, who will join the Psychiatry Department faculty on July 31, was named co-chair of the ADMSEP Membership Engagement Committee.

Read more about UNMC’s significant presence at the ADMSEP conference in our next newsletter.

Click here to see the workshops led by UNMC staff.

(Left to right) Dr. Adriana Foster, Emily Royer, Dr. Ellen Guzman, Dr. Sharon Hammer, and Dr. Howard Liu gather after their presentation on “Teaching the Teacher: Methods for Instructing Preceptors in Giving Effective Feedback” at the ADMSEP Conference.

(left to right) Dr. Howard Liu, Laura Flores, Dr. Sheritta Strong, Dr. Jeana Benton, and Dr. Donald Hilty gather after a discussion of how to start a professional Twitter account.



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  1. Frederick Guggenheim, M.D. says:

    Congratulations, Howard. Doing a great job teaching medical students is key for the mental health of the state, and as a recruiting tool for your new Psychiatric Residency Training Program. I hope you develop (although you probably have done so) slush fund awards for the best medical student teacher(s) of the year.

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