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Dr. Strong receives American Psychiatric Association honor

UNMC Adult Psychiatrist Dr. Sheritta Strong, center, received the Nancy C.A. Roeske, MD, Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Medical Student Education. Dr. Strong is co-director of Medical Student Education for the Department of Psychiatry with Dr. Daniel Gih, left. Also pictured is Dr. Howard Liu, Interim Chair for the Psychiatry Department.

Dr. Sheritta Strong has been awarded the 2018-2019 Nancy C.A. Roeske, MD, Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Medical Student Education by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

The certificate is awarded annually to APA members who have made outstanding and sustaining contributions to medical student education. Dr. Strong received the award for all of Dr. Strong’s contributions to medical student education to the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Medicine and as a faculty member of the Creighton-Nebraska Psychiatry Residency Program.

As an adult psychiatrist, Dr. Strong is the co-director of medical student education in the UNMC Department of Psychiatry. She is a visible member of the team and the first psychiatrist our medical students meet. Dr. Strong is the lead instructor and coordinator for the pre‐clinical curriculum in psychiatry. Furthermore, she is highly involved in small group teaching and course design for the department.

Dr. Strong has served in several outpatient settings including those treating underserved and minority populations (Charles Drew Health Center) and integrated care clinic with the Department of Family Medicine.

“(Dr. Strong’s) work has always been inclusive of student learners. Moreover, her dedication shines in her ongoing enthusiastic support for and recruitment of faculty providers to the student-run free medical clinic, S.H.A.R.I.N.G. Clinic for student supervision on the psychiatry [consultation] night,” said Dr. Daniel Gih, Co-Director of Medical Education for the UNMC Department of Psychiatry. “She has participated in this clinic since her medical school days here. She also serves as a mentor for pre‐medical students and is the academic advisor for a minority-led student group on campus, Graduates & Professionals Representing Achievement Diversity and Service.”

Dr. Strong is an active member in professional organizations at the national and local levels including the APA, the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry, the National Medical Association and the Nebraska Psychiatric Society. Dr. Strong was the keynote speaker for The Urban League of Nebraska’s 2017 scholarship reception.

“As a recent addition to the faculty, I have benefitted in being paired with this wonderful individual as we lead our department’s efforts in a major curriculum reform process,” Dr. Gih said.

This award was established in honor of Nancy C.A. Roeske, MD and serves as a tribute to her unique and creative contributions to psychiatric education.

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  1. Lucille Woodard says:

    Well deserved! Congrats Dr. Strong

  2. Dr. Drea Jones says:

    Dr. Strong is an active leader on campus in addition to being an incredible physician and professor. This award is well deserved and only highlights some of her fearless work to pave the path forward in promoting diversity and inclusion at our institution. Great work, Dr. Strong!!!

  3. Barbara says:

    Dr Sheritta Strong is awesome! I was working while she was a resident & now a Psychistrist that we can say is ours!! Beautiful inside & outside, a person who takes time with her patients & employees. Sheritta is an awesome mentor for the future psychiatrists! Sheritta is busy, but does not ever forget where she started & is appreciative of her staff. We need more people like Sheritta… beautiful inside & outside, down to earth and a truly good person. Congratulations Sheritta!! 🙏❤️😘

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