Psychiatry plans for new Residency Program

The Department of Psychiatry GME Steering Committee

The UNMC Department of Psychiatry is building its own residency program, which will blend academic excellence and front-line clinical experience.

UNMC Department of Psychiatry Interim Chair, Dr. Howard Liu, said the goal is to design a new residency program, which will begin in July 2020 and serve Nebraska’s needs for
decades to come.

“The goal is to not design the best residency program in Nebraska, but to develop one of the best residency programs in the country. We will know we’ve begun our journey when our best M4s choose to stay in our program. We will recognize that we’re halfway there when we open new fellowships in full range of psychiatric specialties. And we will know that we’ve truly arrived when our graduates are nationally known for their expertise while increasing access in our most underserved Nebraska communities.”

Residents will work with UNMC and its clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine, a well-established academic health system in the region with 809 licensed beds at its two hospitals, more than 1,000 physicians, and more than 40 specialty and primary care clinics in Omaha and surrounding areas.

Future Program Director Dr. Daniel Gih said within the new program, there will be four pillars (Wellness, Interprofessional, Specialty Clinical Experiences, and Experiential Learning in Psychotherapy) that will distinguish UNMC’s training.

“These pillars characterize our educational philosophy which we refer to as WISE. Our WISE residents will not only have excellent clinical and didactic training, but will also be able to work effectively in diverse healthcare delivery systems while managing personal well-being,” Gih said.

On Nov. 1, 2018, ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) will visit the Psychiatry Department. In February 2019, the Department is expected to hear if it can begin recruiting residents for 2020.

Currently, UNMC is affiliated with Creighton University’s residency program for psychiatrists.

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