UNMC Trio Attends Prestigious Eating Disorder Conference

UNMC Associate Professor Dr. Daniel Gih joined second-year medical student Jessica Thai and third-year resident Elizabeth Penner at the prestigious International Conference for Eating Disorders in Chicago.

Third-year medical student Jessica Thai and Associate Professor Daniel Gih

Dr. Penner and Thai presented two posters at the international conference, which was held from April 19-21. Thai presented a poster titled, “Characterization of Resident Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in the United States: Analysis of Program Web Sites.” Dr. Penner’s poster was titled, “Indications for Hospital Admission for Patients with Eating Disorders: A Review of International Treatment Guidelines.”

Dr. Gih said thought leaders from all over the globe attended the conference.

“(Dr. Penner and Thai) had some excellent discussions,” Dr. Gih said.

“It was neat for them because for them this was a premier meeting for an area of medicine.”

Dr. Elizabeth Penner, a third-year resident, and Gih

Dr. Gih said it’s essential that future providers learn about the treatment of eating disorders because currently eating disorders are a common set of disorders with a high number of unspecialized providers. A lot of care of this care is usually done by for-profit companies, who may have different motives than a place like UNMC.


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