Spotlight: Sarah Kepple


Sarah Kepple joined the UNMC Department of Psychiatry on March 5, 2018 as Undergraduate Program Coordinator. She has been with UNMC for more than 12 years and has previously worked in anesthesiology and neurology.

What are a couple of your main duties as Undergraduate Program Coordinator?

I schedule the third-year medical students who rotate through Psychiatry as part of their required curriculum. They spend time at various inpatient sites, in our outpatient COPE clinic, and learn from our faculty and residents through weekly lectures. I also schedule non-UNMC students who are potentially interested in Psychiatry and would like to shadow a physician in our department.

Why did you join the Department of Psychiatry?

Due to many years of assisting learners on campus, I’ve wanted to stay in the field of education. I desired a department that fostered an environment of encouragement, support, growth, and vision. To my absolute great fortune, I found this position in an awesome department!

What are some projects you are currently working on?

Our shortened M3 rotations start in July, so I’m preparing everything for our upcoming 9-month year.

Also, the Department of Psychiatry Annual Teaching Awards Luncheon is fast approaching. The luncheon takes place on May 22nd as an opportunity for the Psychiatry Department to recognize both faculty and non-faculty members who have made a significant impact on medical student education during the past year.
Here are some of the awards we will hand out on May 22nd.

The Menolascino Award is given to an M4 student who demonstrated outstanding clinical skills during their Psychiatry clerkship, and who has evidenced scholarly mastery in the field of Psychiatry. The student must demonstrate peer leadership among student colleagues that directly relates to the field of Psychiatry. The student should also express an interest in a career in Psychiatry.

The Ember Award in UNMC Medical Student Education Excellence: Recognizes two Psychiatry Resident physicians whose glowing teaching quality, burning passion, and service ignites a fire in UNMC medical students.

The Flint Award in Educational Excellence: Recognizes a Faculty member whose teaching quality and passion create a spark in the department.

The Steel Award in Educational Engagement: Recognizes a Faculty member whose daily teaching service illuminates the department.

Volunteer Faculty Teacher of the Year Award: Recognizes a volunteer Faculty member whose volunteer teaching has had a positive impact on medical student education.

Teacher of the Year Award: Recognizes a non-Faculty member in the department whose teaching has had a positive impact on medical student education.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Yardwork, garden, read, bake, spend time laughing with my friends and my parents, go to movies, and binge-watch Netflix (SO excited for Harlan Coben’s “Safe” to start!)

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