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New authentication system

The McGoogan Health Sciences Library is transitioning to a new authentication system, OpenAthens, in an effort to improve security against unauthorized use of licensed resources (journals, ebooks and databases).

The anticipated completion date for the transition to OpenAthens is Sept. 30. After that date, users will be prompted to log into library resources through OpenAthens with their UNMC Network ID and password regardless of location (on- and off-campus).

OpenAthens users also can access the library’s subscriptions when visiting most journals or databases directly, without having to go to the library’s website first. Look for an option to “sign in through your institution” and select OpenAthens. More than 97% of the library’s resources allow for this option. Options that are not available directly through OpenAthens will remain accessible through the library’s website.

Once logged into OpenAthens, logins to other library resources will not be necessary for the duration of the session. Additionally, if users already are logged into Microsoft Office 365, the credentials will be passed through to OpenAthens.

OpenAthens offers the library a more flexible and secure system to manage resources. The new system also will help the library better support students and faculty by collecting data that will enhance its assessment of resource use. Questions regarding use of OpenAthens can be directed to the library via email.

A “how to” guide for linking articles and other library resources in Canvas

The library’s online collection consists of thousands of online journals, books, and clinical resources. While on-campus access is seamless, direct off-campus access to articles, book chapters, etc. requires an extra step for authentication. We’ve made it easy for you to create a link to these materials. Our Linking to Library Resources guide contains a widget that turns a URL in to a link that UNMC faculty, staff, and students can then log in through and access the resource from off-campus. The link is located in the Quick Links Helpful Tools section on the library’s home page and in the Keep Teaching at UNMC site under the Converting to Remote Teaching and Quick Guides sections.

VisualDx license ending

Access to VisualDx will end on March 31, 2020. The Department of Family Medicine provided the majority of funding for the subscription, and they have decided to end their support for the resource. Due to increasing costs and the availability of similar resources, the subscription has been canceled.

You can find other resources for visual materials on the library’s Medical Images guide.

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