University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pass lending program for students

McGoogan Health Sciences Library has partnered with two Omaha area attractions to offer free admission for UNMC students. Passes to Fontenelle Forest and El Museo Latino are available for check out by contacting AskUs at 402-559-6221 or askus@unmc.edu

The pass lending project is an effort to help UNMC students to de-stress and experience the wider community. The passes can also be beneficial to students new to the Omaha area by providing them a free opportunity to explore the city. 

While it is not new for public libraries to offer community pass lending, it is not as common in academic libraries. Additionally, McGoogan Health Sciences Library is the first library in the Omaha area to partner with El Museo Latino. 

The library is excited to make this new benefit available on campus. Be sure to check out a pass, return it, and repeat whenever you need a break off campus. 

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