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Darby to speak on his book ‘Pharaoh’s Midwives’

Mark Darby, instructor in the UNMC College of Nursing, will present at McGoogan Library’s next speaker series on April 11 at noon. Darby will present on his book “Pharaoh’s Midwives.”

This event will be virtual. Registration for the Zoom event is required.

Darby has been a nurse for almost 40 years and is certified in family and mental health as a nurse practitioner. He is the co-leader of the UNMC College of Nursing’s creative writing project and has been editor of “Journal of Nurse Jocularity” for the past eight years.

Darby self-published “Pharaoh’s Midwives” to answer the question: Are the Hebrew midwives in Exodus 1:15-21, named Shipporah and Puah, Hebrew or Egyptian? And why does that make a difference in the context of the racial tensions of society today?

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