University of Nebraska Medical Center

Katherine Jones Recognized

Katherine Jones has been a member of the Nebraska Stroke Advisory Council (NSAC) since 2006. She conducted an assessment of acute stroke treatment in Nebraska hospitals in 2006 that NSAC members have used as a road map for improving acute stroke systems of care across the state including EMS education about recognition of signs and symptoms of acute stroke and standardization of order sets for emergent treatment of stroke that will be made available to hospitals. In 2011, she worked with a team of rehabilitation professionals including Kathleen Volkman, PT, MS, NCS and Tammy Roehrs, PT, MA, NCS from UNMC to conduct an assessment of stroke rehabilitation practices in Nebraska hospitals. Dr. Jones’ work was honored by NSAC on March 4, 2011 when she received an award, “NSAC Member of the Year.”

Congratulations, Katherine!