University of Nebraska Medical Center

Masters of Perfusion Science Publications

The following articles were published by students from the MDCP (Masters Degree Completion Program) in the Journal of Extracorporeal Technology during 2008.

Effects of Modified Ultrafiltration on Coagulation as Measured by the Thromboelastograph, Thomas G. Steffens, MPS, CCP, LP;  Takushi khmoto, MD;   Niloo Edwards, M.D.;   Richard L. Wolman, M.D.;   David W. Holt, MA, CCT

Use of Recombinant Factor VIIa (NovoSeven) in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Scott D. Niles, BA, CCP;   Harold M. Burkhart, M.D.;   David A Duffey, BS, BSN, CCP;   Keri Buhrman, BA, CCP;   Jeffrey Bursynski, MD;   David W. Holt, MA, CCT

Methylene Blue-induced Methemoglobinemia during Cardiopulmonary Bypass? A Case Report and Literature Review   Craig M. McRobb, MPS, CCP;   David W. holt, MA, CCT

Influence of Intraoperative Fluid Volume on Cardiopulmonary Bypass Hematocrit and Blood Transfusions in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery   Jeffrey A. Campbell, BS, CCP;   David W. Holt, MA, CCT; Valerie K. Shostrom, MB;   Samuel J. Durham, MD.

Does Zero Balance Ultrafiltration Decrease the Incidence of Post-Cardiopulmonary Bypass Atrial Fibrillation?   Mark T. Lucas, BS, CPS, CCP, MPS;   John Limoli, BSN, CCP;   Joseph Schlut, BS, CCP;   David W. Holt, MA, CCT