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Central IRBs

Presented by Christopher Kratochvil, Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical Research, Vice Presi-dent for Research Nebraska Medicine during the March 2016 Clinical Research Coordinator’s Quarterly Update.

We’re looking to gather information regarding your experiences with using a central IRB. Whether your experience is with Chesapeake, the NIH, PCORI, NCI, or another central IRB we’re interested in what works, what doesn’t, and sponsor perceptions.
One of the advantages of using a central IRB is that they meet much more frequently and it is often quicker to get submissions and changes approved. There have been some instances where a sponsor didn’t recognize Chesapeake as a central IRB; should that occur contact Gail Paulsen who is tracking this information.
Ideally, billing for IRB services when using a central IRB is handled directly between the sponsor and the central IRB, removing the coordinator and this institution from that particular responsibility. Some sponsors have balked at this billing arrangement, again contact Gail Paulsen as she is tracking this. UNeHealth is developing contract language that standardizes the billing relation-ship when using central IRBs.

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