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Lorena Baccaglini, DDS, PhD

Faculty Highlight – Dr. Lorena Baccaglini received her PhD in epidemiology with a minor in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also trained in dentistry, prosthodontics, and clinical research and oral medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She joined the College of Public Health (COPH) faculty in May 2012 as an associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology. Dr. Baccaglini is the Epidemiology Graduate Program chair for the doctoral program (PhD) in epidemiology. The department has four active… Continue Reading

Amy Houser

Student Highlight – Amy Houser is an MPH student in the health promotion track. Her hometown is Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Amy has a bachelor of arts degree in both biology and history and received her degrees in 2011 from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Amy was first drawn to public health after a completing unit on infectious diseases in high school biology. However, for most of high school and college, she planned to pursue a degree in medicine. This plan changed during her junior year… Continue Reading

Chandran Achutan, PhD: Assessing Exposure to Hazards at Work and in the Community

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Dr. Achutan’s research focuses primarily on exposure assessment and controls of chemical and physical hazards in the workplace and in the community. Dr. Achutan is currently evaluating an intervention strategy to get more farmers to wear hearing protection when working around loud noise. Farmers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise, mainly from farm equipment and from animals. Past research has identified barriers to wearing hearing protection (ear plugs and ear muffs) among farmers. The purpose of this intervention… Continue Reading

The “Finding a Voice” Project

Public Health Community Advisory – “Finding a Voice” (FAV) is a project with homeless guests, recovering addicts, and a variety of health professions students learning together. The head count of homeless guests for one night in January 2013 was 1,530 in the Omaha metropolitan area. The Siena/Francis House (SFH), the largest homeless shelter in the community, serving 450 daily, houses many of the metropolitan area’s homeless people. This unique shelter has an unconditional acceptance policy and also houses a residential addiction recovery program, the Miracles… Continue Reading

Health: The Barometer of Climate Change

Public Health in the National News – Public health, fasten your seatbelts! Climate change is going to be a bumpy ride! The earth is heating up at an unprecedented rate due to the atmospheric accumulation of waste gases from modern industry and agriculture. As the earth heats up, the lives of people everywhere are gradually and bumpily becoming more chaotic and less healthy. Globally, urban heat waves are growing hotter, more frequent, and longer. Water for agriculture, drinking, and industry is becoming scarcer as key… Continue Reading