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APHA 2016: A Snapshot of Nebraska Success

Public Health Community Advisory – The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Annual Meeting, held in Denver, Colorado, Oct 30-Nov 2, once again attracted thousands of public health professionals from around the nation and globe, including a number of students, faculty, staff and alumni from COPH. In addition to attending sessions, learning and networking, COPH people shared a wide range of work via 20 poster presentations, 12 oral presentations and four roundtables. Of those presentations, 16 were led by students, and nearly all had students involved in some way. A full list of presentations, and authors is below.

In addition to individual presentations, COPH helped shape an entire session focused on Nebraska’s efforts to become the healthiest state in the nation by 2020. The session opened with COPH outlining the role the college has played as a convener, data provider, and relationship builder for individuals and organizations across Nebraska. The introduction was followed by three presentations from practice partners representing the state health department, a health care system and a professional society, who described specific efforts in more detail, such as programs to promote colorectal cancer screening and reduce binge drinking–two areas where Nebraska has much room for improvement based upon national rankings. The session wrapped up with a Nebraska state senator who has been a champion for these and other public health efforts. This session was well received by attendees, as it featured a diverse set of speakers and highlighted how public health partners from practice and academics can work together effectively.


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