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Ashish Joshi, PhD, MD, MPH

Ashish Joshi, PhD, MD, MPH
Ashish Joshi, PhD, MD, MPH

Faculty Highlight – Dr. Joshi currently teaches an online course, Public Health Informatics. He has been involved in developing the curriculum for the UNMC Graduate Program in Biomedical Informatics. He also gives guest lectures for the Introduction to Biomedical Informatics course. He has been an academic advisor to PhD students and MPH students, and has served on service learning/capstone committees. He has mentored MPH students, certificate students, and other graduate students across various global settings.  Dr. Joshi also mentored a faculty assistant professor for a period of six months, funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research, Government of India. Dr. Joshi’s research funds supported three MPH graduate assistantships, and funded several international trips for students traveling to Venice, India, Singapore, and Nigeria. His students have published eight peer reviewed journal publications, presented four conference papers, had two podium presentations, and received two best paper awards at global health conferences.

Dr. Joshi strongly believes that the more time, energy, and resources we invest in students, the stronger collaborators they will become and the more they will contribute to the world. He encourages all students to translate their research ideas into practice through innovation and entrepreneurship as both are keys to success. Dr. Joshi also believes that every MPH student should have global health experience to help them better understand the various challenges of working in diverse settings.

Dr. Joshi’s research focus is to combine principles of social cognitive theory and human-centered approaches to design, develop, and evaluate multifaceted, cost-effective, technology-mediated interventions adaptive to different settings, audiences, and health conditions. His specific areas of research focus are public health informatics, consumer health informatics, global health, and health technology assessments. Currently, his research projects are active in the United States, India, Nigeria, and Brazil.

Dr. Joshi emphasizes the need to collaborate with various industry partners as it will help in job creation, provide additional graduate assistantship opportunities, and provide funded opportunities for field trips in global settings.

Dr. Joshi co-leads the COPH group that is working on the strategic planning goal of enhancing the use of technology, and the work group’s findings were recently published in a peer reviewed journal. Dr. Joshi also co-leads the COPH Innovation Team to enhance the role of technology within the COPH. Dr. Joshi is a member of the Graduate Committee of the UNMC Biomedical Informatics program. He is also an executive member of the AMIA Public Health Informatics Working Group. He has been invited as a keynote speaker at various international conferences, and he serves as associate editor, guest editor, or reviewer for several peer reviewed scientific journals.

Ashish Joshi, PhD, MD, MPH, is an assistant professor in the UNMC COPH Department of Health Services Research and Administration, faculty in the COPH Center for Global Health and Development, and Director of the UNMC Center for Program Informatics.

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