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May 22, 2013 – “Why is the Struggle for Justice in Bhopal Important in 21st Century India?”

Rama Lakshmi

Rama Lakshmi

Special Guest Speaker: Rama Lakshmi – New Delhi
Wednesday May 22, 2013
Rama Lakshmi, MA, is a reporter for The Washington Post (1990-Present) who covers a wide range of issues in India: politics, elections, economic reforms, infrastructure, development, social movements, environmental activism, urban transition, climate change, terrorism, foreign policy, education, health care, skill development, Kashmir, religion, arts, culture and lifestyle. She has extensively covered the Bhopal tragedy – one of the world’s worst industrial disasters, which killed more than 15,274 people after poisonous plumes of chemicals leaked from the Union Carbide factory. She is working on a project of a bus-borne museum that will take the experiences of Bhopal gas victims around the country. Ms. Lakshmi won the 2005 American Society of Newspaper Editors’ Award for best deadline reporting of the Tsunami disaster.

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