Spotlight: Randy Vest, RN

Randy Vest has been a nurse with UNMC, ASAF, Midlands Hospital, Immanuel Hospital and Nebraska Medicine. He has worked in dual diagnosis, geriatrics, ECT, ACT and currently works with the Department of Psychiatry’s ASPIRE Team.

What made you apply at Nebraska Medicine? 

A big thanks to Phoebe Gearhart for calling and notifying me of an available position. I applied to work for an organization that provides multiple services for a sometimes-forgotten population of patients with mental health diagnoses. 

Why did you want to work in psychiatry?

 I have always felt a calling to help people. My first job in 1985 was in the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute (NPI) Dual Diagnosis unit. My calling to help and care for patients with mental health diagnoses bloomed into a passion. I learned some valuable lessons on that unit. People want to be listened to and know that someone cares. 

What do you enjoy about working in the department of psychiatry? 

Where do I start? First, I’m blessed to work with the best and most experienced and supportive nursing staff. The leadership provides an environment where everyone works to make our patients feel cared about on a daily basis. The growth in the department has been phenomenal.

Why is the ASPIRE Program critical in the Metro area? 

For those who don’t know, ASPIRE stands for Active Support for Patients with Psychosis in Recovery. I feel privileged to work with a group with grand visions to add and expand services for patients with many challenging issues. Their passion and dedication to overcome all obstacles to expand and create new services to meet the ever-increasing demand for mental health services for our community is inspiring. 

What are some of your hobbies? 

I am an active person. I love spending time with my wife, Carol, of 39 years; my sons, Ben and Jer; my daughters, Bri and Lyss; and my two sons-in-law, Sam and Preston. I’m involved in BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) with my little Caleb, 10, for the last two years. I am a Deacon on several committees and lead two men’s study groups at Westside Church. My two sons and I went to Colorado and rode a ski bike down a mountain. My next bucket list item is to go to Utah and drive a dune buggy in the desert. I have played a mean Roman soldier in the Westside Christmas Pageant for five years. Two years ago, I was an 8-foot inflatable shark—what a blast. We missed last year due to Covid-19, but I hope to be back this year. I enjoy reading sci-fi, and, of course, my favorite hobby is anything with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. My wife says I will watch anything Huskers. She is right. I even watched the Nebraska Women’s bowling team win a National Championship. #GBR

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