Spotlight: Mutum helps in various ways

Before joining the Department of Psychiatry in June 2013, Lea worked for 10 years at the Creighton Cardiac Unit as an Inpatient Rounds Coordinator.

What are your roles/duties with the department?

I have several roles in the department including administrative support for Dr. Ashish Sharma, Inpatient Division Director, Dr. Kenneth Zoucha, Addiction Division Director, and Jeanne Lincoln, Department of Psychiatry Administrator. I handle credentialing for the Department of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Emergency Services, and am the Human Resources Coordinator for all UNMC employees in Psychiatry, besides helping with Poynter Hall facility needs.

What made you decide to work at UNMC?

While working at Creighton I wanted to steer my career towards administration. I heard that UNMC was a great place to work, so I took a couple of courses through Iowa Western:

  • Administrative Professional Certificate
  • Microsoft Master Certificate

After I completed those courses, I applied for several positions at UNMC and within a short time, I was offered a position in the Department of Psychiatry.

What do you love about working in psychiatry?

I love that the department really encompasses a caring environment that looks out for one another. I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given to learn and grow in my position.

What are your hobbies?

My most favorite thing to do is spend time with my family, grandchildren, friends, and of course our dog, Kylo. I like to cook and bake and cannot wait to have a huge crowd of people at our house again! My husband and I love to travel and spend time exploring together. I am also really good at home remodeling and enjoy doing projects!

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  1. Bar says:

    I love working with Lea! She is a true joy and wonderful and resourceful person and someone to call a friend!
    Most deserved!! Way to go Lea!

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