Ryan Cordts joins UNMC as Business Operations Manager

What are your job duties as business operations manager for the UNMC Department of Psychiatry?

My current roles include managing administrative staff, creating the MD PES schedule, and managing contracts and RVU reports for all clinical providers. In addition to assisting with department financials (e.g., travel request approvals, expense approvals, budgets, salaries, billing and invoices, account reconciliation), I’m helping with new employee oversight, faculty recruitment processing, facilities management, and providing research and education support.

What made you apply with the Department of Psychiatry?

Before entering the field of academic medicine, I worked as a financial analyst for a commercial real estate company, which gave me a strong foundation in business operations and finance. When my wife (Dr. Kati Cordts, UNMC Psychologist) and I relocated to Omaha, I knew I wanted to continue work in business and finance, but felt it would be a good time to explore other industries. Prior to UNMC, I worked at Creighton in Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases. I had a positive experience at Creighton and really enjoyed working in hospital administration. When the position at UNMC opened up, it seemed like the perfect opportunity, both personally and professionally. There has been rapid growth within the department and across UNMC and Nebraska Medicine and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

What have you been working on during your first few months?

Much of my time has been spent getting to know the ins and outs of the department, as well as our staff and operations within the department. Because I started during the pandemic, I’ve met people gradually. I’ve really appreciated people’s willingness to poke their head in and introduce themselves when they stop by the office. One of my first major tasks was to update RVUs and create the PES schedule. Both of these things were major undertakings, but they really helped me get to know people and the various divisions within the department. I knew psychiatry was a large department when I started, but I’m continually amazed by the breadth and depth of clinical services, educational and training experiences, and research projects.

Who has helped you settle into your new position and what have they done to get your prepared?

The administrative staff has been incredibly helpful in getting me up to speed on department operations. I have learned so much from the team, and I have enjoyed learning about their respective roles and responsibilities. I look forward to working with the administrative staff to develop processes that will increase efficiency, communication, and reduce response time.

What are some of your hobbies?

As a native Kansan and a huge sports fan, I love cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, Royals, and Jayhawks. I’m very active and enjoy spending time outdoors. I like to run and hike, and thanks to the pandemic, my more recent hobbies include gardening and lawn care.

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