Spotlight: Liz Wiese

Office Assistant II
Department of Psychiatry

Liz has worked at UNMC since 2005. Her duties have included clinical reception, billing, administration, and student education. She has served in many key roles on the GME steering committee, including taking minutes, organizing meetings, and award presentations. Liz helped in the creation of the Program Information Form as well as Program Letter of Agreement.

Could you start by listing when you started with the Department of Psychiatry and some of the roles you have had?

Liz Wiese

I started in the Department of Psychiatry at UNMC November 30, 2009 in the billing department. I worked in the billing department for a few years then started helping
with the student education. My job description evolved again and I was no longer doing billing but helping at the clinic front desk along with the student education. I am currently working in administration and no longer work at the clinic front desk. I have also helped with Grand Rounds since 2013.

Could you discuss the work you have the done with the GME team?

I have gotten our Program Letters of Agreements sent out and kept track of, set up numerous meetings, taken minutes for all our meeting, went to a few site visits, kept track of CV’s, put PIF books together, and gotten awards printed and put together as well.

Why did you go into the area of Psychiatry?

I had been working in the medical field for a few years but was ready for a change and had been trying to get on at UNMC for quite some time. My sister worked in this department so she was my in. I have been here ever since.

What are some of your hobbies?

Right now my hobbies include planning for our baby we have coming in March. Besides baby planning, my husband and I have our own Harley Davidson motorcycles that we enjoy taking out when the weather permits. We also help out with a bulldog rescue that keeps us busy with fostering dogs and getting them rehomed.

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