UNMC educators share tips on engaging students

(Left to Right) Dr. Daniel Gih, Dr. VaKara Meyer Karre, Dr. Linda Love, Dr. Sheritta Strong, Dr. Sharon Hammer, and Dr. Jonathon Sikorski.

Several UNMC psychiatrists and educators shared their tips on how to get a lecture off to a good start.

Dr. Linda Love, Dr. Daniel Gih, Dr. Sheritta Strong, Dr. Sharon Hammer and Dr. VaKara Meyer Karre teamed up to share ways to make the first five minutes matter.

Dr. Love discussed the importance of engaging students in order to bring them back to the classroom. Studies show that less than half of students coming to lectures in pre-clinic years. When the medical students attend the lectures, Dr. Meyer Karre, Dr. Strong, and Dr. Hammer shared real-world examples of how they transformed the first five minutes to keep them coming back.

“We shared ideas on how to turn a boring PowerPoint lecture into an engaging, vivid presentation with a lot of images that will pull the students in.”

Dr. Meyer Karre said that although big changes are needed in the medical student education curriculum, reform really starts with one or two small, meaningful changes and then grows from there.
“I hope our participants walked away with enthusiasm for change, as well as the confidence that they too can transform the way in which they educate and engage their learners,” Dr. Meyer Karre said.

Dr. Hammer said the participants in the workshop were very attentive and supportive.

“ADMSEP is a very supportive group of educators,” Dr. Hammer said. “And everyone there is trying to become better educators. You feel like you’re very supported in your efforts. I thought it was very positive.”

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