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Hospital Decontamination Handouts

Healthcare facilities employ a variety of equipment for use in Hospital Decontamination. We have produced several free handouts detailing the steps in donning and doffing three common types of equipment: Type B, Type C – 3M and Type C – ILC Dover. Just download, print and leave copies in your gear bags for future reference. […]

May 5, 2014

ILM – PPE: Biological Level-C Doffing

Practice your Biological Level-C Personal Protective Equipment Doffing skills with our newest Interactive Learning Module. Play ILM When doffing your Level-C Biological Personal Protective Equipment it’s important to make sure you are doing it correctly. The Nebraska Biocontainment Unit has identified 18 steps in correctly doffing Level-C Bioloigcal PPE. You can learn these in our video and […]

Sep 5, 2013

Video: VST – Body Mechanics

Learn the correct use of body mechanics when assisting individuals. Watch the Video >> This video provides a demonstration for volunteers at a general population shelter of the appropriate way to use body mechanics when assisting individuals. The Volunteer Shelter Training video series is produced in collaboration with the Physical Therapy program at UNMCs School of Allied […]

Aug 6, 2013