College of Public Health Student Association

November, 5th 2015 Meeting Minutes

SA Meeting Minutes 11-5-15 Student Senate Updates University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds addressed communication ideas UNL student senate eliminating Styrofoam by 2016. Make research collaboration easier being University of Nebraska campuses. Less competition between Universities. BOSS proposals: voted to fund $750 to Bridge to Care translators, Breaking Barriers for Misc. items. New security application: walking on campus late at night, select “danger” on app…. Continue Reading

October 22nd, 2015 Meeting Minutes

SA Meeting Minutes 22 October 2015 Dean’s forum: moved to room 3013 Food for about 40 Ice breakers National Public Health Week Meeting on November 5th Create an outline of what we would like to do and email to Dr. Schumaker Theme is indefinite until APHA regarding movie night. Consider Film streams as an opportunity Research Day integrated into National Public Health Week Need to… Continue Reading

October 1st, 2015 Meeting Minutes

SA Meeting Minutes October 1st, 2015 General discussion on Dean’s Meeting (2.5 hours) Theme – Casual small group discussion- Dr. Khan’s PHAN conference approach, what can public health do? -Dr. Khan’s career story, street knowledge (not a linear path), most exciting thing he sees for public health, and major accomplishments; about an hour long. – Don’t have Dr. Khan provide a PowerPoint, more about discussion…. Continue Reading