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New calendar tool coming to UNMC May 13

Calendar front page screenshot

Beginning today, UNMC will utilize a new calendar tool called Localist, an event marketing tool. This tool will make it much easier to advertise and find campus events. The new address to the calendar is events.unmc.edu.

“Web designer Ryan Shaw, developer Todd Ashmore and web content specialist Stephanie Montgomery have done a great job choosing and implementing a tool that I believe will be great for our campus,” said Stacie Hamel, associate PR director of web and interactive media.

Event managers will continue to manage events but Localist automates the rest, such as gathering trending events and sending event reminders to users.

With Localist, event attendees can search by day, week or month. They also can search events and subscribe to event feeds by event type, department or audience.

Benefits of Localist:

  • Localist never purges data. Everything is stored in the Cloud so you will have easy access to past event information.
  • Event managers can add high resolution photos to event listings.
  • Localist integrates with social media. Users can connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts and share events with social media followers.
  • Event attendees can select the “I’m Going” button on an event’s page to indicate they plan to attend the event.
  • Events can include maps, making it easier for attendees to find the event location.
  • Event attendees can save events to their Outlook, iCal or Google calendars.
  • Mobile friendly utilizing a responsive design.

Event managers can now segment their events by audience, making it much easier for specific audiences to find events. Those segments are faculty/staff, students, alumni and public.

Training and Guidelines
Here is a working document with steps on how to create an event, subscribe to a calendar and some guidelines to follow when creating an event. www.unmc.edu/publicrelations/web/using-localist.pdf

“We’re really excited to bring this tool to campus,” Hamel said. Follow the blog for more updates.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Montgomery, web content/social media specialist.


Calendar front page screenshot
Calendar front page
Calendar event page screenshot
Calendar event page

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