Research Funding

AHA/ASA/American Brain Foundation Lawrence M. Brass, M.D. Stroke Research Mentored Clinical & Population Research Award

Special funding is available from the American Brain Foundation to support a training award for an individual interested in embarking on a career in stroke research related to vascular neurology, stroke and neurocritical care.

Interested parties should submit a mentored clinical & population research award application to their local affiliate.

AHA/ Gerontological Society of America National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Special funding is the Gerontological Society of America-National Hartford CGNE will support an investigator proposing innovative basic, clinical or translational research projects relevant to gerontological nursing, aging, cardiovascular disease and /or stroke. In addition to an RN degree, applicants must hold a PhD, DN.Sc. or equivalent degree at the time of award activation. DNP applicants are not eligible.

The chosen awardee will be expected to attend the GSA Leadership Conference both years of the fellowship. Interested parties should submit a Postdoctoral Fellowship application to their local affiliate.

The chosen awardee will be expected to attend the GSA Leadership Conference both years of the fellowship.  Interested parties should submit a postdoctoral fellowship application to their local affiliate


Cardiovascular Genome Phenome Study (CVGPS) Grand Challenge Award

Deadline:  Tuesday, December 2

The Cardiovascular Genome Phenome Study (CVGPS) is a collaborative effort, spearheaded by the American Heart Association (AHA), to accelerate the future of cardiovascular medicine. CVGPS combines the power of long-term population studies with the precision of molecular analysis to unravel key distinctions between and within subgroups of patients. The discoveries it generates will point the way toward better-targeted, safer, and more effective treatments, based on a deeper understanding of patients’ characteristics, including e.g. risk profiles and therapeutic needs.

To accomplish the promise of the CVGPS, AHA is offering the CVGPS Grand Challenge Award, which is funded at $500,000/year for 4 years for a total of $2 million. AHA will award one Grand Challenge Award this year.

The full application will be available on October 6, 2014 and will have a deadline of December 2, 2014. This is a modification of the timeline previously announced in the Request for Applications.

View more details regarding the CVGPS Grand Challenge Award Application Instructions.

For additional information about the desired characteristics and peer review criteria view the full Request for Applications.