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Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation Invites Proposals for Youth with Disabilities

The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation supports innovative projects that help youth with disabilities develop the leadership and employment skills they need to succeed, as well as projects aimed at creating tools that help break down barriers to employment and increase job opportunities for young people with disabilities entering the workforce, including returning veterans.

To that end, grants ranging between $10,000 and $100,000 over three years will be awarded in support of innovative approaches to preparing youth with disabilities for employment. Projects should develop youth leadership and employment skills and/or create tools for employers that help break down barriers and increase employment opportunities for youth and veterans with disabilities, promote the full-inclusion of youth with disabilities alongside their peers without disabilities, and promote inclusive, competitive employment practices. Projects should be national in scope or have a definite plan for national dissemination and replication. The foundation typically awards six to twelve grants a year.

The foundation defines “youth” as being from birth through college-age (about 26).

See the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation website for complete program guidelines, application instructions, and an eligibility quiz. Link to complete RFP

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