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Nebraska Comprehensive Cancer Control Program RFA

Deadline:  September 26, 2019
Award Amount: $100,000

The State of Nebraska, Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health (“DHHS”) Nebraska Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, is issuing this Request for Applications (“RFA”) for the purposes of entering into grant agreement(s) (“subaward” or “subawards”) and awarding federal funds to an eligible and qualified entity to address the priorities in the Nebraska Cancer Plan related to the Healthy People 2020 Objectives to prevent overall cancer deaths. A more detailed description may be found in Project Description, Section 2. (Download the RFA)

2.1. Background and Purpose

DHHS, Division of Public Health, Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is issuing this RFA for the purposes of lessening the burden of Cancer in Nebraska. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Nebraska. Additionally nearly 15 million cancer survivors live in the United States today. This RFA seeks to fund applications that address cancer from a wide range of stages; including prevention, screening, to access to treatment, and the needs of survivors. Applicants must select activities that are in alignment with the Healthy People 2020 Cancer Objectives and the Nebraska Cancer Plan.

2.2. Cancer Control Priorities

The Nebraska Cancer Plan lists the following six priorities, which have been established by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control:

  1. Encourage people to make healthy choices.
  2. Educate people about cancer screening tests.
  3. Increase access to good cancer care and reduce health disparities.
  4. Make sure people who survive cancer live well.
  5. Implement policy, systems and environmental changes.
  6. Demonstrate outcomes through evaluation.

These six priorities form the foundation of the plan, and the basis of every objective included in the plan. Objectives are defined in the Nebraska Cancer Plan as specific quantifiable targets that measure the accomplishment of the plan. Applications must also cite relevance to Healthy People 2020 that relate to their selected objectives or strategies.

2.3. Cancer Control Strategies

The Nebraska Cancer Plan defines strategies as specific discrete activities designed to achieve the longer five year objectives contained in the plan. This RFA seeks to fund applications for Cancer Control Strategies either contained directly in the plan, or recognized as evidence based by sources cited in the Nebraska Cancer Plan under the relevant Objective. Only strategies coming from these sources will be recognized as evidence based. Applicants may not apply for funding to support strategies around any of the following objectives:

  1. 5 Year SMART Objective J
  2. 1 Year SMART Objective J1
  3. 5 Year SMART Objective K
  4. 1 Year SMART Objective K1
  5. 5 Year SMART Objective L
  6. 1 Year SMART Objective L1
  7. 1 Year SMART Objective L2

2.4.Project Evaluation

Applicants will be required to submit a proposed overall evaluation question, quarterly benchmarks and indicators. Subrecipients will be required to report on these measures over the course of the performance period. DHHS reserves the right to require adjustments and modifications to the proposed performance measures.

2.5.Project Reporting Requirements

Subrecipients must submit quarterly invoices, quarterly reports, and a final report. They must also participate in quarterly calls with DHHS.

3.1 RFA Point of Contact (POC)

Elizabeth Green
301 Centennial Mall South
PO Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509

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