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PCORnet Cancer CRG Request for Proposals

Informational Meeting: May 13, 2019
Deadline for Proposals: June 10, 2019

The PCORnet Cancer CRG is sponsoring a request for proposals to stimulate collaborative projects using PCORnet resources. We will award up to $30,000 to implement a proposal to address a cancer-focused issue. Funds can be applied to support data accessed in a number of ways, including queries of the Common Data Model in the Distributed Research Network, custom queries developed by a PCORnet site, or collaboration with the research team hosting the pooled data resource from the PCORnet molecular targeted therapy rapid cycle project. Participation by at least two PCORnet networks is required. Contact Brad McDowell for more information and an invitation to a “town hall” discussion for this RFP on Monday, May 13th at 2 PM ET. The deadline for proposals is Monday, June 10th.


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