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2019 Taubman Prize for Excellence in Translational Medical Science.

Deadline: February 1, 2019

The Taubman Institute at the University of Michigan has opened the nomination period for the 2019 Taubman Prize for Excellence in Translational Medical Science.   The awardee,  to be selected by a national panel of past prize recipients and other leaders in academic medicine, will receive $100,000 and be hosted at U-M in Ann Arbor for a two-day visiting professorship.

The Taubman Prize was established in 2011 to recognize significant research findings that have made an impact on the care of patients and treatment of disease.

The deadline for entries is Feb. 1, 2019.  We would be grateful if you could inform your faculty members of the opportunity offered by the Taubman Prize to reward those doing important  work in translational research.  Please note that nominees no longer need hold an MD degree; the prize is open to PhD researchers as well.

Contest rules and nomination form, along with a list of previous years’ winners, are available at:

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