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NPOD Seed Grant Call for Proposals

Deadline: September 30, 2018

The Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases (NPOD), funded by a Center for Biomedical Research Excellence grant (Award Number P20GM104320) from the NIH, invites applications for its SEED GRANT competition, pending NIH approval. This is special, one-time, funding available for projects with a required end date of May 31, 2019, with no option to obtain a no-cost extension.  The primary objective of this seed grant program is to stimulate research in the area of obesity research and nutrient signaling and to enhance competitiveness in obtaining extramural support.

In this call for proposals, priority will be given to proposals in two areas:

  • Area 1: Prevention of obesity-related diseases through dietary molecules. Proposals targeting this area are expected to focus on the prevention of obesity-related diseases through essential and non-essential dietary compounds. Pharmaceutical approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease will not be considered.
  • Area 2: Interactions between diet and non-coding RNAs or Biomarkers of disease. Two lines of research will be considered for funding in Area 2, i.e., 1) proposals with a focus on the interactions among nutrition, non-coding RNAs, and disease, and 2) proposals with a focus on biomarkers of disease.

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