Research Funding

DNA Genotek Grant Program

The DNA Genotek Innovation Challenges Grant will award three research grants of (up to) $30,000 USD plus (up to) 200 DNA Genotek human genomics and/or microbiome sample collection kits in support of the following research challenges:

  • Multiomics/systems biology – How would you utilize a multiomic approach to human health research?
  • Recruitment – How will you accelerate study participant recruitment, maintain longitudinal engagement with study participants and encourage participation from under-represented populations?
  • Tools and techniques – Can you design a tool or technology that enables more accurate and reproducible results in genomics or metagenomics?

·  Choose your own challenge – Tell us what you think is holding back progress in microbiome or genomics research and how you’ll solve it. The sky’s the limit.

Application deadline: 12:00pm ET (GMT- 4) on July 10, 2018.
Grant details and how to apply >>

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