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RFP for Therapeutic Development Opportunities for Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration in Multiple Sclerosis

Deadline:  December 20, 2017

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society invests in promising research to drive breakthroughs that will stop MS, restore function and end MS forever. As part of its commitment to addressing the needs of individuals affected by MS, the Society invites proposals to establish research partnerships with Fast Forward, LLC to accelerate and support development of therapeutic strategies relevant to MS.

  • The National MS Society has released a Request for Proposals to fund drug development opportunities for therapies promoting neuroprotection and repair. New treatment strategies are needed to stop disease worsening by preventing neurodegeneration and reversing neuronal damage so that lost function can be restored. Although it is recognized that animal models of MS provide only limited insight into the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative process, studies to evaluate impact on demyelination, remyelination, neuroprotection, neural plasticity, and repair are considered appropriate for this RFP
    • Pre-Applications will be accepted starting November 8, 2017.
    • Final date for acceptance of pre-applications: December 6, 2017.
    • Full Proposals will be due no later than December 20, 2017.

Areas of high impact for this program include:
* Therapeutic approaches that directly promote remyelination and/or neuroprotection (including stimulation of endogenous repair and cell-based approaches)
* Proof of concept studies with repurposed FDA-approved therapies that have defensible intellectual property or strong commercial viability

Research areas supported by this program include, but are not limited to:
* Early-stage target validation
* Optimization of pre-clinical compounds
* PK/ADMET studies for valid compounds in development
* Imaging studies to measure target occupancy or target-related pharmacodynamic effects that could support a future clinical trial

This RFP is open to global commercial organizations and not-for-profit research institutions collaborating with a commercial organization. Consistent with our goal to support research and development conducted with a high level of quality control typical of the pharmaceutical industry, proposals from not-for-profit institutions will be considered if a majority of the work is conducted at reputable Contract Research Organizations with appropriate expertise relevant to the proposal.

Read more about this opportunity and how to apply.

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