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The Forward Promise: Empowerment Projects

Traumatic experiences have become an almost routine part of everyday existence for boys and young men of color. African American and Latino males are more likely to experience pervasive and chronic discrimination, neglect, racism, violence, and poverty. The cumulative impact of these traumatic experiences can be fundamentally life-altering for individuals as well as entire communities.

RWJF has worked through a broad set of investments, collectively called Forward Promise, to expand the potential for boys and young men of color, ages 12-24. Focusing on opportunity—instead of risk factors—Forward Promise aims to ensure that these young men heal, grow, and thrive in the face of the chronic stress and trauma.

The Forward Promise: Empowerment Projects funding opportunity seeks applications from organizations and/or institutions with existing programs that provide culturally relevant and evidence-supported approaches that promote both individual healing and take a structural approach to change policies and practices that are causes of trauma for entire groups of young men of color. 

Learn more about eligibility, key dates, and upcoming applicant webinars >

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