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Faculty Diversity Funding Opportunity

Application Deadline: April 15, 2016


The University of Nebraska places a high value on its work in the area of diversity, striving to create a learning community of faculty, students and staff members with differing cultural backgrounds. Creating this learning community includes recruiting and retaining excellent faculty and staff.

The UNMC Vision Statement emphasizes a “respect for individuals for their cultures, contributions and points of view” and the Strategic Plan for 2011-2014 has as one of its goals to “Improve recruitment and retention of under-represented faculty, staff and students and document successful methods.” Thus, diversity is a key element of the UNMC community and its values and we embrace the richness of diversity to promote unity within this community. The Faculty Diversity Fund represents a tangible commitment to achieving these goals and is targeted toward the recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty in all academic units on the UNMC Campus. Measurable outcomes include increased faculty diversity across campus and successful professional development of these faculty.


Eligibility is limited to the recruitment of potential new faculty and/or retention of current faculty members in UNMC Colleges and Institutes. The criteria for eligibility include the following:

  • Applicant/Nominee contributes diverse cultural experiences, background or special talents that lead to a richer and more diverse campus environment that can be evaluated on an individual basis. AND
  • Applicant/Nominee must demonstrate a track record of commitment to the service of underserved communities and/or patients.

The goal of these funds is to hire or retain diverse faculty at UNMC. This funding is not intended to replace or compensate for revenue losses or base salary or to supplant other funding. It is expected that the majority of the college or departmental funds that are released as a result of the receipt of a diversity award will be re-invested in the faculty member’s research or other scholarly activity as a means of advancing his/her professional development. Examples include, but are not limited to, start up funds and/or release time to permit professional development. For clinical faculty, funds may be invested in clinical projects (e.g., community outreach initiatives) but should not be used to supplant base salary.

Process and Procedures

Diversity Funds may be awarded for up to $50,000 per year for up to two years. Funding for a second year will be contingent on submission of an annual progress report and review by the committee. Retention funding for an additional two years may be possible. A progress report and strong justification should be included in the retention funding application. A final report at the end of the funding period will be required.

Applications for Diversity Funds will be reviewed twice per year and awarded in January and July. The deadline for applications is October 15 and April 15 of each year. Completed applications should be submitted to James Turpen, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Diversity Fund Committee will review all applications and make funding recommendations based on how well the application meets the goals of the UNMC Strategic Plan and the values of the University of Nebraska in the area of diversity. ¬†Applications that do not contain the required candidate’s and/or dean/director/chair’s statement will be returned with a request for the required information. This may delay review of the application materials.

Please review the attached material for the Guidelines, Application Form and material from the Board of Regents and the University General Council. Please direct any questions and submit all application material electronically to James Turpen, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (

Diversity Fund Guidelines
Application Final Form
Enhancing Diversity Guidance

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