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Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations

The NIH has released announcement NOT-OD-14-003 to provide information to applicants and grantees about proposal and award processes that were disrupted by the partial federal government shutdown from October 1-17, 2013.


eRA Systems Availability

The Commons and other electronic NIH systems are back online as of October 18, 2013.

 Rescheduling October Application Due Dates

All October due dates have been rescheduled for November. 

Funding Opportunity

Original Due Date

New Due Date

R01s, U01s (New)

October 5

November 12

Ks (New)

October 12

November 12

R03s, R21s, R34s, R36s (New)

October 16

November 18

R15s (All)

October 25

November 18

NIDCD Clinical Research Center Grant (P50) PAR-13-277

October 1

November 14

NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology (P50) PAR-13-351

October 23

November 14

Sexually Transmitted Infections Cooperative Research Centers (U19) RFA-AI-13-043

October 23

November 14

National Cooperative Drug Discovery/Development Groups for the Treatment of Mental Disorders, Drug or Alcohol Addiction (U19) PAR-13-086

October 24

November 14

National Cooperative Drug Discovery/Development Groups for the Treatment of Mental Disorders, Drug or Alcohol Addiction (UM1) PAR-13-087

October 24

November 14

Various RFAs, PARs, PAs

Due dates

not listed above

November  1

 All November due dates will remain the same.

  • Exception:  The NIH Loan Repayment Program has been extended from November 15 to December 2

 Applications Reassigned to May 2014 Council

Applications that were submitted from May – August 2013 and scheduled to be reviewed during the shutdown will be reassigned to the next cycle.



Cycle II

Cycle III

Scientific Merit Review

October – November

February – March

Advisory Council Round



Earliest Project Start Date



 The NIH will email PIs whose applications are reassigned.  PIs whose applications are reassigned will be given the opportunity to “refresh” the application by:

  • Withdrawing the application by November 8, 2013
  • Resubmitting the application by November 20, 2013

 Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

At this time, the NIH has not issued any guidance regarding non-competing progress reports due during the period the Commons was offline.

 Processing Applications Submitted During the Shutdown

On a case-by-case basis, UNMC submitted a small number of NIH applications during the shutdown.  These applications should be available for viewing in the Commons from October 22-23, 2013.  If any changes need to be made to an application, it should be rejected from the Commons during this two-day viewing window.

 Award Actions

The NIH anticipates beginning to release awards after November 1, 2013.

For more information

 Contact your SPAdmin Grants and Contracts Specialist

  • Attend the next SPAdmin Buzz Session at noon on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, in Room 1004 in the DRC I

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