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Educational Gap‐ Multiple Sclerosis HCP Initiatives

The Biogen Idec Grants Office is currently accepting applications for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Please visit our website ( and click on Healthcare Professional programs to view the Areas of Interest (AOIs) for MS

We will be accepting applications through May 1, 2013

Biogen Idec Grants Office is aiming to support programs that are designed to close healthcare professional performance gaps and to enhance the delivery of health care that will ultimately improve patient health. Special consideration will be given to proposals that are unique, scientifically rigorous and incorporates adult learning fundamentals; for example, interactive interventions that reinforce the relevance of the presented content to real world practice through case scenarios


Biogen Idec Grants Office is seeking proposals to close the above noted independently identified gaps that will ultimately increase neurologists’ knowledge in:

 1. The most current clinical trial data on new therapies.

 2. The latest evidence-based therapeutic regimens for relapsing MS.

3. The risks and benefits of available therapies.

 4. The mechanisms of action for MS therapies and its impact on efficacy and safety.

 5. The best practices in patients’ health during the treatment span of MS from onset onward, for example:  modifying therapies, assessing the psychological aspect of the patient (i.e. depression), and managing symptoms (fatigue and cognitive dysfunction).

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