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amfAR Announces Targeted Call for Proposals Exploring HIV Persistence

Deadline: September 27, 2012 (Letter of Intent)

amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, has announced the availability of targeted support for biomedical research projects relevant to exploring the mechanisms for HIV persistence and the potential for HIV eradication.

Understanding the mechanisms by which the virus is able to persist in the face of therapy is necessary in order to identify strategies that may interrupt viral persistence and ultimately lead to viral eradication. amfAR wishes to support basic, pre-clinical, clinical, and especially translational research exploring the mechanisms whereby HIV infection persists; the chronic nature of viral reservoirs and latency; and barriers to the eradication of HIV, with the potential goal of ultimately eliminating HIV infection.

Principal investigators must hold a doctoral degree and be affiliated with a nonprofit research institution. It is not required that principal investigators hold a faculty-level position.

amfAR grants are made to nonprofit organizations worldwide. Investigators, fellows, and sponsors need not be United States citizens.

Only proposals for individual research projects are solicited. Funding is available for research grants of up to $180,000 in total costs including indirect costs of up to 20 percent of direct costs. Research grant funding is for a one-year period beginning February 1, 2013.

Visit the amfAR Web site for the complete Request for Proposals, details about specific areas of interest, and application procedures.

Link to Complete RFP

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