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amfAR, Mathilde Krim Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Research

The goal of the Krim Fellows program is to provide funding for exceptional researchers who are new to the HIV/AIDS field. Fellowship funding will support the successful applicant’s ongoing HIV research and facilitate his or her transition to a productive and independent long-term career in the HIV/AIDS biomedical research field. The fellowship provides support for two years of postdoctoral research, with the possibility of one additional year of research support during the first year of an independent research position.

Fellowship applicants must be conducting basic biomedical research on HIV/AIDS to be considered for funding. Applicants must have a research or clinical doctorate and no more than four years of postdoctoral training at the time a Letter of Intent is submitted. Fellows are expected to secure an independent research position by no later than six months following the end of the two-year fellowship period of performance. Fellows must be mentored during the funding period by an experienced HIV/AIDS investigator who is affiliated with the same nonprofit institution and is at the associate professor level or higher.

Each fellowship is funded at a total of up to $125,000 (phase I). A direct cost maximum of $110,000 is allowed for personnel (salary and fringe benefits) and other research-related expenses. Institutional indirect costs may not exceed 10 percent of direct costs. It is expected that a Krim fellow will devote the decided majority of his or her time to the approved fellowship project. An additional $3,636 is provided to support the direct costs of participation in activities designated by amfAR. Contingent on subsequent application and peer review, phase II funding for an additional $50,000 may be approved to support basic biomedical HIV/AIDS research costs during the first twelve months of an independent research position at any U.S.-based or international nonprofit research institution.

amfAR grants are made to nonprofit organizations worldwide. Applicant investigators, fellows, and sponsors need not be U.S. citizens.

Visit the amfAR Web site for complete program guidelines and application procedures.

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